Schedule and Details

2018 Schedule: 

  • Friday, May 18:  (3:00pm)5:00pm-12:00am
  • Saturday, May 19:  9:00am-12:00am
  • Sunday, May 20:  9:00am-9:00pm
  • The ‘Unspoken Schedule’. On Thursday the 17th of May, 2018, there will be open 18xx gaming hosted either at a local residence or a local coffee shop depending on how many early attendees we have. On Friday, the first of the few public addresses will start, officially kicking off the event at 5:00pm. However, the doors will open at 3:00pm and gaming will begin then if the attendees see fit. For those remiss to leave on Monday the 21st or that have a short commute home, there will also be open 18xx gaming hosted at a local residence as well from 10:00 am until 4:00pm. So, the short story is, we hope to be playing train games for a combined total of around 48 hours over that 5 day period, we hope you can join us for all or most of it!

Food: A hot on-site dinner meal will be included for all registered attendees on Saturday evening around 5:30. We will also have various eats, drinks, and snacks on-site for quick easy lunches that don’t take you away from your game. Restaurants (fast food and other local options) are within a 5 minute drive of the con.

Swap Meet: We are excited to play host to Hattanooga Con swap meet for train games!

Code of Conduct: We all love train games.  We all love playing train games with people.  We all love conventions that make it possible to play more train games with more people.  Lets commit ourselves to all creating the best possible space we can for our games and for one another.  We encourage you to read and honour the Hattanooga Con Code of Conduct.

The ‘Fly a Friend’ Program: Something that was heavily discussed last year was the lack of opportunity for our overseas friends to come and visit and play our favourite games with us. In the spirit of opportunity and relationship building, 5$ from every admission to Hattanooga is going to be placed in a fund to help a fellow train gamer from abroad come visit for the weekend (or longer if they see fit. Collections will begin this year and next year, ‘early bird’ attendees that are far away and would appreciate the assistance can ask to have their name put into a draw and one lucky foreigner will have this pool of money awarded to them to cover a portion of their travel expenses. There are of course some conditions that go along with that, such as you would need to be in attendance to pick up your ‘winnings’ and such. We will also accept any gifts attendees might want to offer up if they like the spirit of the thing and want to contribute further.